A worthy Collaboration!

A worthy collaboration catapults the organisation towards tremendous success and enriches the productivity and outcomes !

Shri. Hanumant rao Gaikwad’s BVG ( Bharat Vikas Group ) has been on the forefront of not only housekeeping but also other integrated services since many years.

BVG’s professional services have been regarded highly ! It maintains Indian Parliament, PM house, Red Fort, Supreme Court, IIT Delhi, Many government offices, Hospitals, Temples and list goes on. Such is the magnitude and spectrum of BVG and Shri. Gaikwad’s dream.

BVG’s notable contribution with Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Hospital and Research Center is commendable !

Shri. Gaikwad’s tireless, sleepless efforts made him what he is today ! Had a chance to hear and meet him in person. He emits simplicity, positivity and dreams !

Happy to be part of the programme of BVG held in DY’s Auditorium which was graced by Vice Chairperson Mrs. Bhagyashree Tai Patil, Shri. Gaikwad, Principal Director & CEO Dr. Brig. Amar Jeet Singh, Director ( Academics ) Dr. Vatsala Swamy, Dean Dr. Jitendra Bhawalkar, Medical Superintendent Dr. H. H. Chavan.

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